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Yidai Yilu Renewable Resources (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is a renewable resources company approved by the Huaiyin District Government of Jinan to promote the transformation and upgrading of the regenerative resources industry in the whole region. The company is a significant platform for the Huaiyin District to implement the new development concept, speed up the reform of ecological civilization and physique, build beautiful Huaiyin District, promote the classification of urban and rural garbage and implement the Rural Revitalization war. The company\'s business scope: non-productive waste material recycling, import and export business (projects approved by the law can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments). The company is mainly engaged in renewable resources business. Recycling, processing transactions, R&D and other related businesses are integrated into the company which is major in the field of environmental protection, innovation-oriented, low-carbon and recycling development.

Since its operation, the company has shown a high-speed development trend and has driven radially more than 100 recycling outlets. The basic work of recycling resources is solid and profound. The company will take the compulsory classification of national garbage as an opportunity, focusing on reducing the cost of recycling, improving the utilization rate of recycling and improving the human settlements as the overall principle. The company has set the goal which meets the requirements of market economy and the characteristics of the industry and promotes environmental protection objectives such as recycling and utilization of renewable resources and has upgraded the standardization level of the recycling industry. The company has constructed the system which contains diversified recycling, specialized sorting, safe storage, transportation and harmless treatment. There are two main types of recycling projects: Daily necessities and second-hand cars companies. Our company will continue to forge ahead with the concept of green environmental protection and love and public welfare business and responds to the The Belt and Road Initiative of the country actively. Through the seamless connection of recycling bins at all outlets, we will establish a recycling system with green environmental protection. Friends, we look forward to serving you wholeheartedly and building a beautiful home in the world.

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Shandong Yidai Yilu Renewable Resources Co., Ltd.

Address: Jinan city, Shandong Province,HuaiYin District, Ludi HuanLeSong 3 - Room 2401,Jinan,Shandong

Contact Person: Meng Lei



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